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Style-savvy blogger La'Shonda dishes on her delightful discovery of Popsalot's cashew-studded Brazilian Samba. Her eyes were drawn to our vibrant golden pouch, but she knows how to give her loyal readers the real scoop on snacks--"Let's talk taste, shall we? This popcorn was light and airy. The caramel was not too sweet or buttery – just perfect. The cashews were cashews. All in all, I found this to be a great anytime snack."

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The Dainty Vegetarian

Leslie Sarna declares Popsalot’s Clandestine Caramel the sweetest way to cherish your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. It’s also Leslie’s “favorite caramel popcorn” every day of the year!

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The Perfect Spot SF

“Pops A Lot popcorn is…truly a homegrown business built out of a playful return to beloved childhood eats.”

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KLTA Morning Show

Dr. Andrea Pennington chooses Popsalot’s Clandestine Caramel gourmet popcorn on a segment highlighting healthy snacking option for today’s busy lifestyle. An intelligent indulgence, indeed.


Kaily Smith, star of the critically acclaimed web comedy is making major waves in Hollywood (congrats, Kaily!), but she’s no diva on set. Kaily happily shared Popsalot gourmet popcorn, one of her favorite snacks, with the rest of the cast and crew. Now everyone’s a fan!

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Convenience Store News

“Popsalot’s Clandestine Caramel is a natural bestseller, featuring hot-air popped corn and 100% whole grain nutrition.”

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daily candy

“What: Delish gourmet popcorn in yummy flaves like macadamia and clandestine caramel.”

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